Plan Now For a Gorgeous Front Entry

Is your front entry a dud?


Are the plantings out of control and hiding the windows and doors?  Start anew!  With many new cultivars available, add color and plant in masses for an updated look with less maintenance.


Is the landing too confining to greet guests?  Increase the size with a spacious and inviting outdoor foyer.  Make it large enough to add a bench for a sitting area.


Does your front walkway lack spunk?


Create a larger, inviting landing at the driveway or city walkway.

Install a column or architectural element matching the house for a focal point or to anchor or frame the entryway.


Widen the walkway by adding a course of brick along the sides or replace it with brick or pavers that compliment the colors of your house.

Adding a larger outdoor foyer with a brick inset and a sitting area provides adequate room for greeting visitors. A round brick planter adds a focal interest to the entrance.

Does your house have an interesting feature like an archway or window detail?


Add a classy element and repeat the shape in a brick inset or in the outline of a planting bed.


Has your front stoop passed its prime, giving a poor impression of what might be behind?


Cap it by mortaring on brick or Bluestone if it’s structurally sound.  Replace it if it’s crumbling or settled, preventing water from entering the basement and injuries from people tripping and falling.


A curved stoop is reconstructed and capped with Bluestone in a shape that mimics the shape of the front door and windows. A large landing at the driveway welcomes visitors.

Does nighttime steal away your hospitality?


Bring your home and landscaping to life with a low voltage lighting system.  Up lighting a tree can create a visual sculpture or accent your façade.  Path lights create safety and security.


Could your front door be a focal point?


The front door sets the tone for the whole house.  Replace it with a door with more architectural character.


Painting the door a vibrant color makes it pop and catches the eye.

The sidewalk is widened by adding a course of brick to the sides. The materials of the stoop and sidewalk compliment the colors of the house.

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