New Berlin Case Study


Problem:  Water would come into the basement at the northwest corner.  Horizontal cracks were beginning to develop along the back yard wall.


Assessment:  The backyard was very flat with no pitch away from the foundation.  Rainwater or water from the downspouts could not flow away.  The deck along the back obscured most of the view of the foundation.  Upon removal of the decks, severe settling along the foundation became obvious.


Solution:  As the owner desired a new outdoor living space, the decks could be removed.  Grading and filling was done to pitch water away from the foundation.  A PVC and black poly French drain system which collected surface water and connected to the downspouts was installed to drain water out to the front yard.  Special attention was paid to the materials and compaction under the new landings to prevent settling and keep out the critters.  Gravel in the French drain is left exposed to the surface but soon becomes covered with grass to make it all but invisible.  The new patio is a lilac colored Bluestone trimmed with a Lannon cobble detail.  The combination repeated a theme from inside the house, creating a continual flow of space from the inside to the outside.

Photo 1:  Exisiting deck hid grading and settling problems

Photo 2:  Removal of deck exposed settled grade along foundation

Photo 3:  Removal of deck showed grade pitched toward house

Photo 4:  Air conditioner was raised; down-spouts buried and connected to installed French drain system

Photo 5: Window wells were raised; grade pitches away from house; drain tile installed.

Photo 6: Finished project with new landings and patio

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