Fox Point Case Study


Problem:  Water would come into the finished basement area at the floor level during heavy rainstorms.  The stairwell would flood and the well wall was cracked and buckling.


Assessment:  The lawn was pitched back toward the house and the concrete patio that was cracked and buckled, pitched toward the house as well.  Gravel mulch in the planting beds pocketed water against the foundation. The window wells and the air conditioner were low.  Water could over top the gutters and dump water along the foundation.


Solution:  The Air Conditioner and window wells were raised, and the concrete was removed. The soil was graded away from the house and a new stoop was added.  New larger gutters were installed.  The stairwell was excavated and repaired.

Photo 1:  Gravel mulch pocketed water against the foundation

Photo 2:  Stairwell flooded frequently; wall cracked and began to buckle.

Photo 3:  Air conditioner low; mulch high on foundation; actual grade pitches toward house.

Photo 4:  Cracked patio pitched toward house.

Photo 5: Stairwell excavated and repaired.

Photo 6: Repaired stairwell painted; grade pitches away from foundation.

Photo 7: Repaired stoop added after grade corrected.

Photo 8: New stoop, repaired stairwell and corrected grade.

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