Decorative Landscape Edging

Decorative edging is one simple element you can add to your landscaping to create a big impact aesthetically and functionally.  It can…


Decrease maintenance needs by holding back mulch, creating a barrier between planting beds and lawn or paved areas


Inhibit grass and weeds from creeping into the planting bed.


Make mowing easier with pavers separating planting beds and lawn areas, reducing injury to plants, eliminating the need for trimming.


Help showcase planting beds or focal points


Border sidewalks, driveways and patios, enhancing the look of paving, especially if it’s concrete.


Be used to create maintenance strips along buildings or under fences, in areas where grass is hard to mow.

Double brick edging helps hold back mulch and creates a strip for easy mowing.

Layers of cobble edging showcase a planting bed while acting as a retaining wall.

This double brick edge helps feature a focal point in a front entry.

Brick edging along concrete makes a sidewalk more visually appealing.

Areas under and around fences are hard to mow and maintain. Here a maintenance strip of slate chips keeps it generally maintenance free